29 January 2005 – Chinese New Year Lunch, Mandarin Club, Sydney

21 March 2005 —Chinese Australian Role Models Past and Present Dinner (NSW Premiers Award for Chinese Community Service).

17 April 2005 — Visit to St George Regional Museum to see their Chinese community migration exhibition, Path of the Dragon

8 July 2005 — talk about the Chinese in the Philippines by Teresita Ang See, founding president of Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran Inc. An organisation of Chinese Filipinos promoting the integration of ethnic Chinese into mainstream Philippine society.

17 July 2005Early History of the Chinese Youth League — Arthur Gar Lock Chang in conversation with Dr. Drew Cottle

28 August 2005 —Toylaan Ah Ket, Remembering and Writing about her father William Ah Ket (1876-1936)

17 September 2005Journeys of the Dragon —Chinese migration to Australia, CAHS in conjunction with the Australian National Maritime Museum. Held at the ANMM. History week, 2005. Organised by Karen Schamberger.

Speakers: Dr Spencer Wu (dentist and independent councillor in Ashfield, arrived in Australia from Hong Kong in 1976), Arthur Gar-Lock Chang, Leonie Lam (Chinese Vietnamese family refugee story), artist My Le Thi (Chinese Vietnamese refugee story focussing on her art), Cheryl and Margaret Cumines –Remembering King Nam Jang, Dr Paul Jones, National Archives of Australia (on records of Chinese migration) & museum curators and conservators on collecting, interpreting and conserving Chinese heritage.

25 September 2005From Great Grand Mothers to Great Granddaughters, History week 2005


Opening Reflections —The Older Generation

Henry Chan – Welcome

Dawn Wong, “For Generations of Wong Sat Women”

Lily Ma, (President of CWAA, 1986-1995), “Australian Born Chinese Women”


Reflecting on our Mothers’ Generation

Doreen Cheong, “East West Fusion”

King Fong, “My China Town Experience”

Reflections Between a Daughter and Her Father

Lisa Chan, Steven Chan

Reflections of the Younger Generation

Mimi Zou, “Nü: The Story of A Pheonix”

Nikki Loong, “Big Westerns in Little China”

Concluding Reflections and Discussion

Henry Chan, “A Grumpy Old Huaqiao’s Reflections on the Women in His Life”

Dr Cindy Pan, “Afterword: Reflecting on Four Generations of Chinese Australian Women”

A book came out of this event where some speakers’ talks were developed and put into an edited collection published by Henry Chan. Nikki Loong ed. From Great Grandmothers to Great Granddaughters: the stories of six Chinese Australian women (Echo Point Press, Katoomba, 2006). ISBN 0-9802824-0-3

15 October 2005The Early History of the Kuomintang in Australia, bilingual symposium jointly organised by CAHS and The Chinese National Party of Australasia (CNPA).

Speakers: Mr Charles Han, President, CNPA; Mr Eugene Seeto, Director, CNPA; Professor John Fitzgerald; Ms Kuo Mei-fen

4 December 2005 — Benjamin Chow, Chairman, Council for Multicultural Australia — The History and Development of Australian Multiculturalism (coincided with CAHS AGM).

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