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Sun Kum Tiy

After service in the Ever Victorious Army under Lieutenant Colonel Charles “Chinese” Gordon during the Taiping Rebellion, Kum Tiy arrived in Sydney around 1864–1865. He immediately set up the merchant business Sun Kum Tiy & Company, Sydney. In time, his

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Chinatown Walking Tour

King Fong – pioneer of Chinatown Walking Tours Welcome to our exciting new series of discussions with a wide variety of researchers of Chinese Australian History.

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Conflict at Lambing Flat: Memory, Myth & History

– a discussion with Karen Schamberger Known as a poor man’s goldfield, Lambing Flat became notorious for racist violence in the 1860s. How long did the violence last and why is it remembered as the Birth of White Australia? How

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Shirley Fitzgerald “Poison of Polygamy” book launch

The first novel of Chinese Australia, written 1910, translated 2019 by Ely Finch and launched by Dr Shirley Fitzgerald. read more

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