2002-2022: A Symposium: Rethinking the Chinese Australian Historical Society

A major event to celebrate the Society’s 20th Anniversary is a symposium reviewing the evolution and legacies of the Chinese Australian
Historical Society from its establishment in 2002 to 2022. Here is your chance to discuss issues and solutions to ensure the organisation’s survival and
growth for the next twenty years.

The review will in turn lead to the development of a new Strategic Plan for CAHS through the active participation of members in a series of workshops.

This event will be an in-person presentation combined with online streaming via Zoom, to allow our members from around Australia to participate.

Guest speakers will include: Dawn Wong, King Fong OAM and Daphne Lowe Kelley, (past CAHS Presidents), Dr Kate Bagnall (former CAHS Committee member), and Dr Carol Liston, AO (past President of the Royal Australian Historical Society) who will address the future role of Historical Societies in Australia. The symposium will be chaired by Darryl Low Choy (CAHS President).

Date: Saturday 29th October
2.00 pm- 4.30pm.
Venue: Carmichael Theatre,
Sydney Mechanic’s School of Arts,
Pitt Street, Sydney.
Cost: Free

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