Media about Chinese-Australian history

Did you know Chinese Opera performed in Australia for over 60 years until 1906? Click the picture to learn more.

New Stories, Bold Legends

Podcast series by Valerie Khoo

Mirroring the past series (ACIAC)

Introduction (with English transcript)

Before there was Gold (pre-1788 to 1818)

From Convicts to Gold (1818 to 1851)

From Gold to Artisans (1851 to 1881)

Merchants to the Qing (1881 to 1911)

Benjamin Law – ABC two part series

Waltzing the Dragon with Benjamin Law

Greg Grainger – Travel OZ (in three parts)

Chinese Milestones in NSW

Chinese Milestones in Victoria

Chinese Milestones in Queensland

China Plus series by Sana Wai Shan Fong

Chinese Australian history EP1: The museum passing on Chinese history & culture in Bendigo

Chinese Australian history EP2: The shift of Chinese professions, now and then

Chinese Australian history EP3: The changing face of Sydney’s Chinatown

Poison of Polygamy – a novel no less

Buy it – Sydney University Press

Dr Shirley Fitzgerald speaks about it

Ely Finch the translator write about it

Wong Shee Ping is the author

The descendants speak

The First Chinese-Australian Barrister

William Ah Ket

The Dictation Test

ABC Radio National

Renee Fang

Changing Chinatown

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