Current Researchers and research

New PhD’s

Dr Sandi Robb (2019) North Queensland’s Chinese family landscape: 1860-1920. (James Cook University).

Dr Peter Gibson (2019) – Made in Chinatown: Chinese Furniture Factories in Australia, 1880–-1930 (University of Wollongong)

Dr Juanita Kwok (2019) – The Chinese in Bathurst: Recovering Forgotten Histories (Charles Sturt University)

Dr Tony Liao (2017) – Shang and Shan: Charitable networks of the Four Great Department Stores and their associates Chinese-Australian Families 1900-1949 (Swinburne University of Technology)

Dr Karen Schamberger (2016)Identity, belonging and cultural diversity in Australian museums (Institution Deakin University)

Current PhD students

Natalie Fong ‘Chinese merchants in the Northern Territory, 1880-1950: A translocal case study’ (expected completion 2020)

Christopher Cheng – The legacy of diaspora-funded schools in the Australia-China corridor (Western Sydney University)

Yvonne Horsfield – A Ballarat Chinese family history: an intergenerational study (Federation University)

Hendrik Berrevoets – The myth of Chinese market gardening (Deakin University)

Wing-Fai Wong – Everyday Life of the Celestials in the Land of the Parrot: Chinese Almanacs in Australia (University of Queensland)

Renzhe Zhang The New Cultural Movement and the Chinese Diaspora in Australia, 1910s-1930s (University of Wollongong)

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