Useful Sites


Chinese Australian Historical Images in Australia

Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project

A legacy of White Australia: Records about Chinese Australians in the National Archives

Oral history

Diana Giese

National Library of Australia


Fred Wong

Arthur Gar-lock Chang


Museum of Chinese Australian History (Melbourne)

Families of Fortune – Migration Heritage NSW

Wing Hing Long & Co – Chinese Australian Rural General Store 1881-1998

Golden Dragon Museum (Bendigo, Victoria)

Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre (Ararat, Victoria)

1870 Wong Shop Wagon

Museum Victoria – Chinese Australian Collection

Culture Victoria – Chinese Australian Families

Community organsations

Chinese Heritage Association of Australia (Sydney)

Cairns and District Chinese Association Inc (CADCAI) (Northern Queensland)

“Harvest of Endurance” Chinese-Australian History Scroll

Chinese Australian Family Historians of Victoria

Chinese Heritage in Northern Australia (CHINA Inc)


Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies

Tigers Mouth – Thoughs of the history and heritage of Chinese Australia

Tracking the Dragon – A guide for finding and assessing Chinese Australian heritage places (Australian Heritage Commission) 

Chinese-Australian History Collection Online (Kuo Ming Tang, Melbourne)

Chinese Immigrants and Chinese Australians in NSW (National Archive Guide)

Chinese–Australian Journeys: Records on Travel, Migration, and Settlement, 1860–1975

Invisible Australians – Living under the White Australia Policy

Tracking the Dragon – A History of the Chinese in the Riverina

Glossary of Chinese Terms (English and Chinese characters)

Papers on Chinese-Australian History at Academia

Papers on Philanthropy

Dragon Tails Conferences

Coloured Colonials

Sources for Chinese-Australian history – NSW

Newspapers – Chinese language

Early Chinese Newspapers on Trove – Kate Bagnall

Index to the Tung Wah Newspaper

The Chinese Times – on Trove

The Chinese Australian Herald – on Trove

Chinese-language Australian newspapers – overview

Beyond Australia

Chinese in Northwest America Research Committee

Foreign Mission of the New Zealand Presbyterian Church

The Chinese in Samoa

New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre