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The CAHS was founded by Professor Henry Chan (University of Newcastle, NSW) in 2002. CAHS has been active in pursuing its goal of advancing the study of the history of Chinese in Australia by holding seminars, workshops, and conferences. Topics have included Chinese Australian family histories; the home villages in Guangdong of early Chinese Australians; clan organisations in Sydney; Chinese stores in country New South Wales; the trans-pacific Chinese; the history of the Chinese Women’s Association of Australia; and, archival records and how to use them, etc. These activities have helped to promote public knowledge and understanding of the contributions which the Chinese people have made to Australia. CAHS also plays an active part in the NSW History Week which is held annually.


According to the Society’s Constitution, the objective of CAHS is to advance education in the field of the history of the Chinese in Australia and:
(a) to encourage and promote research in and the study of the history of the Chinese, their families, institutions, and communities, in Australia and in particular in New South Wales, and the preservation of Chinese Australian heritage
(b) to promote the collection, compilation and preservation of authentic records relating to the Chinese in Australia
(c) to promote the preservation of objects, buildings, or sites of significance to the heritage of Chinese Australians
(d) to promote interchange of information among members of the Society by lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions of historical significance, and any other appropriate means
(e) to print, publish (in any media) and circulate such newsletters, journals, periodicals, books and other literary or other undertaking as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the Society
(f) to undertake any other activity that is conducive to the Society’s objective.


CAHS is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 (NSW). CAHS is governed and managed by a management committee in adherence to the Society’s Constitution. The management committee is elected annually. In the Constitution, you can find further information about the objects and rules of CAHS. You can view here a pdf version of the CAHS Constitution.

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