News from the 4 corners (of your room)

Or perhaps a quiz to keep the four corners from closing in?

Click on the answer to reveal the amazing truth!

1. Did 393 Chinese coolies from Macao arrive in Hobart Town in 1851, as mentioned in Jupp’s The Australian People?

[Yes]     [No]     [Plausible]     [It’s in a book it must be right]     [Wouldn’t we have heard more?]     [No idea]

2. New Gold Mountain is the obvious translation of 新金山 (San Gum Saan/Xin Jin Shan).

[Agree]     [Disagree]     [Maybe]     [It depends]     [New Goldfields is better?]     [What are you talking about?]

3. The White Australia policy’s Dictation Test was made unfairly difficult so that Chinese people and other non-English speakers could not enter Australia.

[Agree]     [Disagree]     [Everyone knows this]     [It was given in any European language]     [It was a fake]

4. When the first lot of Chinese gold seekers turned up in Bathurst in 1856 they sold souvenir fans to the locals.

[Agree]     [Disagree]     [Of course not]     [Of course they did]     [Why hasn’t this been reported before?]     [It was hot]

5. The answers revealed here are all amazingly true.

[Agree]     [Disagree]     [Of course this is an historical society]     [Are you kidding me!]     [Life is a box of chocolates]