Appeal for Donations

Become an 88-er

Ever heard the story about living on the smell of an oily rag? That’s us.

How does the CAHS fund its operations? The answer is:

(a) membership fees,

[If not already a member just fill in the form here.]

(b) small surpluses yielded from afternoon teas after live presentations,

(c) the occasional grant (which are usually project specific) and,

(d) donations.

But guess what? Come coronavirus and we don’t have live presentations anymore – so no more surpluses from afternoon teas (b).

We do have about 60 members with last year’s membership (annual & life) at $1,440 (a).

But our non-discretionary expenditure (just to exist before we do anything) was $1,659.$133

[If you wish to know what we have been doing or plan on doing please click here – Once and Future.]

That leaves pretty much (d) – Which is where you come in.

Just 19 members or friends donating $88 each per year covers all our fixed annual expenditure.

Or alternatively: Why not adopt a slice of the pie? (See below for details.)

Just deposit to:

ANZ BSB: 012-071

Account No: 1112 11003

Email confirmation to:

Please let us know if you would prefer not to have your donation noted in the Newsletter.